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Dermatology is defined as the branch of medicine that is concerned with the physiology and pathology of the skin. Your skin is the largest organ that you have and its condition can provide information about what is going on inside of your body as well as how you are responding to your surroundings. In addition to what you apply topically, your environment, allergies, immune system function, hormones, metabolism, nutrition, lifestyle, psychological and emotional states, digestive, and even cardiovascular function can all affect your skin. Because your skin is influenced by how your whole person functions, it is important to consider all aspects of one’s health and well-being when managing a skin condition. Naturopathic Dermatology offers this approach to skin health.

At Naturopathic Dermatology, we help each patient discover and manage impediments to their skin’s health by carefully examining all factors that influence the skin and considering whole person health. An in-depth look at medical history, lifestyle, physical examination and appropriate laboratory and diagnostic testing are done to help find the cause of skin disorders. Treatment is individualized and may include any of the following: immune modulation, detoxification programs, desensitization therapy, use of biological substances, botanical, nutrient and enzyme therapy, hormone balancing, dietary modifications including food allergy management, environmental medicine, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, lifestyle management, counseling, exercise therapy and specially formulated topical preparations.

As a result of taking a whole person approach to the treatment of skin conditions, many other symptoms that are experienced may also be diminished or eliminated. Patients often find that along with improvement of their skin disorders they enjoy better digestion, sleep and mood, increased clarity in thinking, less fatigue, weight regulation, diminished allergies, increased resistance to stress and disease, decreased joint and muscular pain and many other positive aspects of healing the whole person. It is my hope that you will find that Naturopathic Dermatology can help you to manifest the skin that you desire and as a positive side effect can assist you in achieving whole person wellness.


Christa Lamothe, ND