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  • "I wish I went to Dr.Lamothe sooner. I struggled with my skin condition for 10 long months of itching and scratching all over my body. I had some bug bites that got infected and turned into eczema. Several dermatologist that I went to gave me a ton of steroids and antibiotic which somehow helped for a short period but made my condition worse in the long run. I was hopeless until I reached out to Naturopathic Dermatology and they got back to me within 48hrs. It’s been 3weeks since I had my consultation with Dr. Lamothe and my eczema has cleared up! And my skin just keeps getting better. Not only that, with her holistic approach, I’m also sleeping better and have more energy. Her recommendations made me really mindful of what I feed my body and I can see great results. Thank you Dr. Lamothe and Naturopathic Dermatology team!"

    ~ Jenni Meek

  • "My first consultation with Dr. Lamothe exceeded my expectations. She was so thorough, down to earth and I never received such explanations and background information about my skin conditions, causes and treatment options as I did with this practitioner. Her recommendations have greatly helped my acne and eczema as well as my fatigue and hormone imbalance. At follow up consultations, I got a thorough explanation of my lab results as they relate to my symptoms in a very unique way. I felt like I was getting a medical course/lecture that I could understand and it helped me to get a handle on my health and not feel lost and overwhelmed in the process of trying to get myself better. I am extremely pleased with this doctor’s services and methods as well the products she recommended."

    ~ Maria Peterson

  • "After using several of Dr. Lamothe's products for more than ten years, I thought my skin was as good as it could get. Then I tried REVIVE Face & Neck Treatment Kit and, I am putting it mildly, astonished. My skin's clarity and texture give the impression that I have just come from a spa or have spent a fortune on high-end products. Recently, a health care provider who has known me for over twenty years said to me, 'You look fantastic!' I am over 70 now and my face is a map of life with years of outdoor activity, various types of sun exposure, skiing at high altitudes and life changes. Thanks to Dr. Lamothe's products, I use minimal makeup and look like a healthy version of myself. Isn't that what we'd all like to achieve?"

    ~ Carol Olson

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