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A COMPREHENSIVE medical visit with DR. Christa Lamothe

Patient Stories

"I went to see Dr. Lamothe after a terrible appointment with another dermatologist. I was really hoping to get some help with acne problems, and Dr. Lamothe was so great. She asked me lots of questions about a range of topics, including my familiy history and my diet. She ordered blood work to narrow down possible causes and/or problems. She listened and gave a thorough examination, and then explained how acne originates and what some complications are. She was very knowledgeable and prescribed me some all-natural supplements to treat from the inside, and then gave me some large samples of all-natural topical products she has developed. It has been about three weeks, and my skin is showing huge improvement! The best thing about seeing Dr. Lamothe? My skin is healing without having to take harsh prescriptions that could endanger my health in other ways. I love her all-natural approach because it confirmed what I truly believed about my skin, even before my visit--there is healthy skin somewhere underneath my issues, and there WAS a better alternative to bring it out!" ~ Sarah Peterson
"I wish I went to Dr.Lamothe sooner. I struggled with my skin condition for 10 long months of itching and scratching all over my body. I had some bug bites that got infected and turned into eczema. Several dermatologist that I went to gave me a ton of steroids and antibiotic which somehow helped for a short period but made my condition worse in the long run.I was hopeless until I reached out to Naturopathic Dermatology and they got back to me within 48hrs. It’s been 3weeks since I had my consultation with Dr. Lamothe and my eczema has cleared up! And my skin is just keeps getting better. Not only that, with her holistic approach I’m also sleeping better and have more energy. Her recommendation made me really mindful of what I feed my body and I can see great results. Thank you Dr.Lamothe and Naturopathic Dermatology team!" ~ Jenni Meek

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