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Hormonal Support

  1. Nanoformulated Progesterone+ 1 fl oz
  2. Estriol Topical Replenishing 1 fl oz
  3. BI-EST+ 1 fl oz
  4. DIM Enhanced by Douglas Labs (60 capsules) Supports hormone metabolism, cellular health and detoxification‡
    Sold Out
  5. Thyroid Support Complex 120 capsules
  6. TestoQuench for Women by Douglas Labs (120 vegetarian capsules)
  7. DIMPRO 100 - Please note - DIM Enhanced by Douglas Labs is temporarily out of stock by the manufacturer. Dr. Lamothe has chosen this product, DIMPRO, as a comparable substitute until DIM Enhanced is available again.


  • "I love this moisturizer because there are no fillers. Every ingredient has a legitimate purpose. Wonderful all purpose moisturizer for face and neck. Works well under sunscreen or just on its own for those indoor days. Skin looks and feels clean. I like to apply when my skin is slightly damp after shower or after washing my face. "

    Sarah S.

  • "REVIVE Face & Neck Treatment makes my skin look and feel 10 years younger! After the first use, I could feel the effects for the entire week - I love it! The product will last a long time too, so it is so worth the money. "

    Jami S.

  • "This is my favorite moisturizer! I've been using Dr. Lamothe's products off and on for the last 8 years, and keep coming back because there really is nothing that compares."

    Kim K.