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REVIVE Face & Neck Treatment Kit

  • $125.00
Deep cleanse your pores, radically hydrate, even color, tone, brighten, heal.
Kit contains REVIVE powder - 2.5 oz. and Certified Organic Vegetable Glycerin 3.5 oz.
Introducing another multi-tasking formulation. Based upon our Antioxidant Facial Treatment that we performed in office, REVIVE has even more power.
This kit comes with REVIVE powder and glycerin to mix and activate right before application!

After years of seeing improvement in numerous ways in my patients' skin with our in-office antioxidant treatment, I decided to make this application available to everyone who wishes to take their skin health and vitality to the next level. Simply mix this mildly pleasant scented powder of Raw Cacao, Vitamin C, Passionflower, a blend of purifying Clays and Aloe Vera with Glycerin (which is included in the kit) and massage on to skin for several minutes. You will feel a very mild, warming sensation beneath your fingertips as you clean pores, lift dead skin cells and activate Vitamin C and other nutritive agents. The sensation is comforting and not irritating. After massaging onto skin, leave on for 5, 10, 20, 30 minutes - however long you have! Easily rinses off with warm (not hot) water and does not stain clothing as it is not oily and does not transfer pigmentation. Pat your skin dry and apply your favorite Naturopathic Dermatology Skin Care moisturizer and/or serum. Revive your skin 1-3 times weekly. Experience an improvement following your first use and increased effects with cumulative use.

Designed for:
  • teenage skin
  • mature skin
  • blemish prone, congested or oily skin
  • dry skin
  • combination skin
  • post inflammatory hyperpigmentation /superficial scarring following breakouts
  • hyperpigmented or discolored skin
  • skin that needs a boost or lift as it's activated form of Vitamin C helps to build collagen
  • rosacea prone skin